Teaching Sustainability for a New Generation of Organic Gardeners

Leroy Elementary School
18 x 36 High School Greenhouse with Automated Misting System
18 x 36 Greenhouse
12 x 20 Elementary School
22 x 20 Vocational Horticulture Program
14 x 16 Veteran's Hospital
12 x 20 Montessori School
Automatic Watering System
16 x 42 High School
Solar Operated Greenhouse
20 x 24 High School
Greenhouse Interior
30 x 60 Greenhouse for Organic Produce
Greenhouse Interior
4 x 18 High School
Curved-Eave Double-pane Glass Interior
School Greenhouse Renovation
Horticulture Therapy and Rehabilitation Center
Welded Aluminum Frame
Super Strong Welded Truss Connection
Welded Scissors Truss