Arcadia GlassHouse has degreed horticulturists and experienced greenhouse builders on staff to help you determine the best greenhouse configuration and equipment to meet your individual needs. We have too many options to list here and we’d like to discuss your project in more detail, so please call us. Below are a few resources that may be helpful.    

Educational Programs

Many of our customers have Fall, Winter and Spring growing programs that often include fund-raising projects to make the greenhouse self-supporting. We have basic curriculums we can share with you at all grade levels.

Heating Systems

We offer energy-efficient natural gas, propane and electric heating systems that can be mounted under a bench or suspended from the frame. Use our BTU Calculator or call us to determine the heating capacity you will need.      


Cooling Systems

If your school is not using the greenhouse in the hottest summer months, then shade cloth, combined with our powered ventilation system, will likely be enough to keep your greenhouse cool. If you are in the south, or actively growing plants in the summer, you may need an evaporative cooler.



The new high-intensity T5 fluorescent lights usually provide enough supplemental lighting in school greenhouses, and they are the least expensive to operate and maintain. We also have a full line of commercial halide lighting if needed.

Click here to see comparative Light Spectrum Graphs.


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Misting & Watering Systems

Most schools prefer to have students do their own watering, but we have a full line of misting systems and dribble-tube watering systems to automate your greenhouse. Call one of our experts to discuss the best system for you.



We have a full range of hydroponic organic gardening kits from starter sets to production growing stations. Call us to discuss your application so we can recommend the best system for your particular program.


We manufacture the best quality aluminum Durabenches in the business. They will never rust or rot, and are much stronger than wire benches. Standard benches are 36 inches deep and 32 inches high, but we will make them any size to maximize the growing space for your school greenhouse.

Welded Scissor Truss

Snow & Wind Load

Arcadia GlassHouse follows ASCE 7-10 Load Requirements and ASE Structural Guidelines.      


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